Generic Versus Branded Pharmaceutical Strategic Considerations: An Irish Focus With Global Perspective

February 4th, 2010

This article seeks to explore strategic considerations in the competition between generic and branded pharma drugs in Ireland. In a global environment, with trends in cost-saving substitution models and growing consumer awareness, Ireland has remained a high-price under-genericized market. Irish government initiatives toward control of drug expenses are influenced by factors such as equality reliability of supply, and public perception and concerns. Other elements affecting market trends are changes in regulatory requirements, number of competitors, and health professianals’ preferences. These variables, among others, drive the necessity for strong strategy portfolios to be undertaken by the branded and generies industry alike. Indeed, such strategies may incorporate activities such as lobbying, negotiation, patent protection, brand defense, life cycle management, consolidation, and driving consumer awareness.

Journal Title

Drug information journal   ISSN 0092-8615 


2009, vol. 43, no3, pp. 273-286